Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Psalm 19:14 : Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in they sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer

My thought today is this, "Just because you don't take responsibility, it doesn't mean you are not responsible".

Too many times in our life, we think we have a license to just say and do whatever we want, simply because we "can", or simply because we "want" to. When did life really become so much about us? What has happened that we are no longer humbled by the fact that we just wake up each day and find that a loving God has let us live?

We are living in a world that has bought into Satan's lies, hook, line, and sinker. We seem to believe the magazines, the reality T.V. shows, and the things our so called "friends" tell us, over believing the word of God. Or, actually, even knowing what God has to say about it. Or, in many cases, actually caring what God has to say about it. This is where the condition of our heart comes in and why searching out our own condition is so important. I teach a ladies Sunday School class and a Ladies Bible study every week. And every week, after I have the lesson prepared, it hits me like a ton of bricks that all that time and effort was not for everyone else, it was for me. I have to learn the lesson first before I can hope to impact anyones else's life with it. I am totally responsible for what I say, and then, for what I do. That holds true regardless of what you tell yourself your "intent" is. We are responsible for what we do every day, both the good and the bad.

When we get together with anyone but the Lord to discuss our lives and seek their seal of approval, we are simply gathering to pool our ignorance. When we say and do things that hurt and destroy relationships and act as though we have the right to do it, we are aligning ourselves with the "world" and the approval of the "world" and shunning our ownership of our actions. When we have discussions about God's word that are void of the absolutes of His truth, we are playing with fire. Literally.

The Bible speaks of (1) knowing in your heart-intelligence, (2) having a willing heart-will, (3) the plans of the heart-purpose, (4) A heart troubled over sin-conscience, (5) the obedience of the heart-morality, (6) reasoning in the heart-rationality, and (7) Jesus Christ in the heart-spirituality. The heart is the very center of our inner life and the force behind your own motivations. When God commands us to hide His words in our hearts so that we might not sin against Him, He is not telling us to feel good about them ( the " all about me society"), but rather to be conscience of them and to abide by them. In order to do this, a foundation has to be laid. One that is built on having Jesus be the cornerstone of our life. One that does matter and does make us responsible. One that doesn't allow for a cafeteria style religion where we pick and choose what we want. We are responsible and it's time to take responsibility for our actions, and words , and deeds. God will show us our hearts is we ask Him to. He will clean it up and give us a new and better way to "follow your heart".

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